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Warframe — U 24.2 — Fortuna: Profit-Taker (Overview)

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Fortuna Arch-Gun Overview

Hey guys, this is a quick overview/review of the new Arch-gun heavy weapons. I wanted to briefly go over each weapon and give my thoughts. They are all capable of doing the Orb heist we currently have, but some are definitely more powerful than others. If there is a specific aspect of the heavy weapon system that you have a question about please leave a comment below. Hope you’re all doing w...[Read More]

Fortuna Amp Overview

Hey guys, this is just a quick overview of the new Amp parts that came out with Fortuna part 2. I guarantee it WILL change your life or your money back. Hopefully you’ll find it useful in understanding the new parts and whats good about them. I also briefly cover the new amps builds for Eidolons. If you have any questions about something I covered or if I missed something please let me know ...[Read More]

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